I Am Chaos






I am Chaos rose from the ashes of two bands, which both struggled to get full line ups together. As the two groups were forced to share the same rehearsal space in mid 2006, they eventually joined forces and formed "I am Chaos". The band - consisting of Maxi Beck (drums), Tobi Schädler (guitar), Gernot Beck (guitar) and Robert Sele (bass) - started to write their own material, influenced by swedish death metal, 80' thrash and old school heavy metal.

In early 2007 a handful of songs was completed. A rough demo was recorded and in september the live debut happened at a local newcomer festival. As I am Chaos still lacked a vocalist, a local singer helped out at the very first show. After the live debut, Tobi and Gernot started to take care of the vocal job themselves, further expanding the musical possibilities with two voices. By the end of 2007 five more songs had been written to complete their live set. In June 2008 a gig for friends was done, followed by four more shows through the year, including a first appearance in Switzerland.

In november 2008, the band decided to part ways with bassist Robert Sele due to personal differences. Subsequently the band tried hard to find a proper replacement, leading to no live appearances until may 2010, when the band was given the opportunity to play at a local open air. Thankfully, bassist Christian Vogt filled the gap making it therefore possible for the band to play live for the first time in almost two years.

In fall 2010 a new bass player was found: Youngster Kevin Walser fitted perfectly both style-wise as well as personally. In may 2011 the new live season starter with a first gig in Austria followed by two Liechtenstein shows in august and oktober. In late 2011 the band decided to finally start recording the material they've written thus far. Focussing on the recording, 2012 came to hail the Chaos with only two live shows: A second appearance in Chur, Switzerland and a small club gig in Vaduz right afterwards.

Tracking and mixing their first EP on their own took until late 2012. There are no triggers to be heard on this release. The drums were played live - no overdubs. No compiled files for guitars and bass, no layering for vocals - just rock n' roll. The idea was to capture the spirit of the early days of I am Chaos, playing "live" in their rehearsal room. This lead to the decision to put the very first songs I am Chaos has ever written on this EP - in remembrance of the "old days". The self titeled EP was finally released 1st of June 2013 at a local show in Vaduz, supported by fellow bands Tactical Nuke (FL) and Shotgun (FL). The release is available on CD, MC and LP, respectively - LP's being limited to 99 pieces only.
Design: S. Vogt, G. Beck / Dev: gamedesign.li / 2014